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Tax Scam Continues in Canada, Scammers Using “Spoofed” Fake CRA 800#

Today we received a call from a caller ID: v53116370500000 and from the number, 1.800.959.8281 (Spoofed number) (a “Spoofed” Fake number made to look like it came from CRA, it’s not the Canadian Revenue Agency) They masked their real number to make it look like they are calling from the revenue agency. By the way, companies that enable criminals to hide their identity […]

10 Content Types which actually Boosts Traffic

10 Content Types which actually Boosts Traffic 1. Round-ups: A curation of links to an industries best post all in one article. 2. Webinars: A video presentation with question and answers section (helpful) 3. Podcasts: Audio feeds of interviews, commentator etc. 4. Email Series with Experts: creating an educational email campaign aimed at teaching a certain lesson 5. Ebooks by Experts: Create […]

WordPress VS. Joomla and Drupal

Complete content management comparison WordPress VS. Joomla and Drupal. Need to know what CMS to use for your project? Check out our new table that compares all the options from the most popular CMS around.

The Best E-commerce Platforms

10 Easy, Hosted Storefronts and Shopping Carts Hosted storefronts are an easy way to set-up your own e-commerce store and a good option for small or individual sellers who aren’t quite ready to invest in a professionally designed website. The old adage, “You get what you paid for,” always holds true when choosing (or not)  a web design or marketing […]

10 FREE Video Footage Sites

We know how difficult it is to create video content, but when you have access to free videos, web sites you can get your task done quicker and easier. Free Video Footage Intro Sites! 1. 2. Videezy 3. Motion Elements 4. Splasheo Video Boosters 5. Flix Press 6. Beach Front 7. Motion Background 8. Movie Tools 9. Free Video […]

DROA Domain Expiry Notice Scam

Don’t Be Fooled by this Letter in the Mail from Domain Registry Services! Be Wary Netizens! This is not an official notice that your domain is expiring. This is, in fact, a predatory technique by Domain Registry Services to take advantage of unsuspecting clients and fool them into switching their domain from a current registry to them. Also, notice they […]

10 Things About SEO

The 10 Things You Should Know About SEO Like anything, SEO is a time-based project that requires, guess what? Time and planning. Oh, and you need knowledge, lots of it. SEO is complex at first, but like anything you put your mind to, you can learn it in no time! But if you are too busy, call us and we […]

Choosing a Hosting Provider

First and foremost when it comes to speeding up your website, your hosting provider, and type of hosting account you have is the most important factors in having a fast website. The next factor is the size of your website. If you only have a 5-page website and no streaming media, a shared ‘Unlimited Account” will suffice. But if you […]

Rule #1: Back Up Your Website

One of the quickest ways to protect yourself is to ensure that you have a backup of your site. If you get hacked, you can be back online in minutes. They have several tools that enable you to speed up your installations and backup. If You Host with Us Use Rewind to restore a damaged or hacked site. To rewind […]

Effective SEO for Small Businesses!

Best Marketing Tools: An Optimised website and a solid online strategy! When was the last time you used a Yellow Pages Book to look up a business? At increasing rate every year, millions of people log on the net for the first time and are turning to the Internet to search for local suppliers of products and services. However, unlike […]

Optimize Your Website for Speed!

Step 1: Turn On Caching in Joomla or WordPress from Cpanel! Log in into your Cpanel ex: Click on the Optimize website icon 3. Select Compress All and click Update Settings For Joomla: Go into Global Configurations and turn on your cache system. You will have to play around with Progressive and Conservative caching to see what suits your site […]

Have you been hacked?

Since the beginning of the year, we have been seeing an increase in hack attacks coming from abroad (Russia, Turkey, and Brazil). The new year came in with a Brazilian team wreaking havoc on Word press installations now we have an increase in attacks on old Joomla and WordPress installations. So be vigilant and update frequently. Here are some tips […]

Securing Yourself Against ZmEu and Scanner Bots

On the move since 2009 when it was created in Romania and no doubt sold on the dark web only to be re purposed for many malicious reasons. One of the reasons we are starting to see is the set up for a massive DDOS attack, multiple even. The take down of Dyn computing seems to be only the beginning. […]

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