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Posting the latest relevant news related to your Joomla!® installation. Also reviewing and discussing components and extensions that will make your life easier.

Securing Yourself Against ZmEu or w00tw00t Scanner Bots

On the move since 2009 when it was created in Romania and no doubt sold on the dark web only to be re purposed for many malicious reasons. One of the reasons we are starting to see is the set up for a massive DDOS attack, multiple even. The take down of Dyn computing seems to be only the beginning. Vulnerability scanner does&nbs...
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20 Reasons Why Joomla! CMS is Better Than Wordpress!

20 Reason Joomla!™ Should Always be Used for Corporate Websites!

01: Hackers LOVE WordPress! (Remember Jan 1st. 2013 Brazilian Team Hack Attack over 100,000 WordPress sites affected.)

02: Multilingual capabilities comes included. Install languages straight from the back end!

03: SEO Friendly URLS with HTML Suffixes! or

04: Install Extension (from Joomla! repository) Straight from the Back end Admin

05: Version Control Features

06: Multiple Users with ACL Permission Controls

07: Joomla's Default Content Template Rocks!

08: Greater Flexibility and Control of core design and scripting. Templating, Typography, CSS etc.

09: Joomla! was Made for Commercial Web Design and ECommerce, WordPress was literally made for Blogging and curating text!

10: The Admin area is way more intuitive and easier to use! Thank you Icons!

11: The biggest corporations in the world use Joomla! Not WordPress!

12: Support! WordPress is devoid of important forums (community chat, PM) features

13: WordPress does have allot of FREE Plug Ins! But Joomla's component and modules are more powerful and easier to debug!

14: More flexibility to scale, more freedoms to customize and the force to collaborate on your content!

15: The RAD framework Believe us! It's Awesome!

16: Responsive Front and Back Ends

17: Joomla!'s forum, documentation and extensions repo is by far superior!

18: Joomla!'s integrated page caching system!

19: Joomla!'s Control Panel in ADMIN is so much easier to look at!

20: Joomla! has better security!

Don't get us wrong, WordPress has it's merits, there's no doubt about that! We are just saying that Joomla! is just plain better when it comes to these issues: saving time debugging, finding a plug-in, customizing your template amongst many others! SO don't be fooled

"Popular Doesn't Always Mean Best!"

If you are a blogger, we actually recommend WordPress for that task, as it does blogging well. Joomla!™ on the other hand, can be just as great a Blogging system, but it's an even better corporate site or shopping cart system. In addition for webmasters, the time I save in finding a solution to complicated bug issues in the Joomla! forum is extremely fast thanks to (PM, Private Messaging), resulting in thousands of dollars in saved time.

Joomla!'s™ Extension Directory is Easier to Use!

Looking for plug-ins on the WordPress repository can be extremely frustrating, especially if you are used to have screen grabs and demos of every plug in right on the main page. Personalty, I find the simplistic layout of a bit annoying.

Sample Backend Joomla™ Installation

Joomla!™ is not the Most Popular! But it's the Coolest!

In October 2010 is when the changing down trend for Joomla!™ searches happened. This is when Joomla!™ 1.6 was released and due to Joomla!™ not being backwards compatible with J!1.5, many people abandoned J! 1.5 for Wordpress. For simple site owners the move was a good move, as they mostly just required the WYSIWIG to post their pages. But the growing pains were especially difficult for site owners with shopping carts, as WordPress is not suitable for more complex carts. 

As far as I can see WordPress will probably always be more popular due to the fact that more people require simple sites than corporate scaled sites. Just be wary on being convinced that WordPress is the best solution for your business model. In conclusion, if you are business use Joomla!™ it will pay dividends in long run!

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10 FREE Video Footage & Prensentation Making Sites

We know how difficult it is to create video content, but when you have access to 20 FREE video Intros Sites you can get your task done quicker.

10 Video Footage Intro Sites!


2. Free Footage

Variouse collection of HD footage!

3. Motion Elements

4. Splasheo Video Boosters

Splasheo video boosters

5. Flix Press

6. Beach Front

7. Motion Background

8. Movie Tools


9. Free Video Footage

10. FREE HD Stock Footage


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Best Place Online to Sell Your Stuff

10 Easy, Hosted Storefronts and Shopping Carts

Hosted storefronts are an easy way to set-up your own Web store and a good option for small or individual sellers who aren't quite ready to invest in a large ecommerce website. Storefronts -- a managed service -- make it easy to create and manage a store because you don't need any HTML or programming skills, and you can customize the storefronts to suite your business needs.

1.  BigCommerce.  A storefront solution that lets you create your own Web shop -- plus you can sell on Facebook and eBay with BigCommerce.  Extra features include multi-channel retailing, mobile commerce, SEO and easy upselling.

2.  E-Junkie. A shopping cart and digital delivery system for publishers who want to include buy-now buttons to sell digital goods. You store the files on E-Junkie's servers, and buyers receive an email with instructions to download the product after making a purchase.

3.  GoEmerchant. Use it to build an ecommerce store, or you can purchase the Buy-Me Button plan to add payment options to an existing website.

4.  Mercantec E-Commerce Express. An entry-level storefront and shopping-cart service that lets you sell in a number of places including your own site and on eBay.

5.  Miva Merchant offers full ecommerce hosting and just about everything you need to start an online store – all in one package. You can upgrade accounts as your business grows.

6.  Payvment. This Facebook-wide shopping cart system offers an admin area built directly into Facebook to manage your storefront, inventory and sales. You can customize the Facebook Shopping Tab for your Facebook Business Page.

7.  ProStores. An online ecommerce platform that lets you design a storefront that fully integrates with eBay.

8.  TabJuice. A social commerce platform that you can use to bring products to Facebook. This storefront application adds a customizable shopping tab to your Facebook Business Page.

9.  Volusion. An all-in-one ecommerce solution that lets you design and manage your online storefront; plus it provides tools for marketing, merchandising and CRM.

10.  Atomic Mall. An online marketplace that features fixed-price, make-an-offer and Web store listings.

3 Online Auction Sites and General Marketplaces

11.  Bonanza. Sellers create booths of items (similar to a Web shop) and list products at a fixed-price. Buyers can also submit an offer to purchase.

12.  Ebay. The world’s largest online marketplace with more than 94 million active users. On eBay you can list items via auction or buy-now format, and you can also manage your own eBay-hosted storefront.

13.  Etsy. An online marketplace offering Web shops for handmade and vintage items and also supplies for making handcrafted items.


 7 Free-to-List Classified-Ad Sites

Free local classified-ad sites are a good choice for online sellers who have larger items that are difficult to ship. Most general categories on classified sites don't charge a fee to list, but special categories (such as adult services) are usually fee-based.  Classified-ad sites take no responsibility for the transactions and you deal with local customers face-to-face to complete a sale.

15.  Backpage. Covers more than 400 cities and regions from the United States, Canada and Mexico. Backpage is free for posting ads; the adult entertainment and personals categories are fee-based.

16.  Craigslist. Choose a location site from cities located in the United States, Canada, Asia, Americas, Europe, and other International cities. Most classified ads on Craigslist don't cost anything to place, but some specific sections for some cities do carry a fee, such as job postings, brokered apartment rentals, and adult services.

17.  eBay Classifieds (Kijiji). eBay Classifieds in the United States (and Kijiji in Canada) is an eBay-owned network of classified sites for specific countries including the United States, Canada, China, Taiwan, Germany, India and others. 

18.  Facebook Marketplace. On Facebook, Marketplace, which is operated by Oodle, helps people buy and sell items in a trusted environment (e.g. within your network of friends).

19.  Hoobly. Integrates a local classifieds market into a national marketplace. This lets consumers look for general ads and then be more specific about location. Ads placed on Hoobly are free; however you may opt to place a Premium Ad, which is posted to a paid area.

20.  OLX. An established online classified site available in more than 96 countries in 40 languages. Ads are free, but the site offers paid options that appear at the top of search results.

21.  Oodle. Pulls millions of listings from all over the Web. Consumers can place an Oodle ad for free, by creating an online account. When you post to Oodle, your classified ad may also be posted to hundreds of other sites.

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Register a Keyword Rich Domain Today

The first step to getting online is getting a domain name that is rich in keyword that describes your business. For example if you are a flower shop in Montreal, a optimal key word would be:montrealflowers.commontrealflowershop.comfloridavacation.comOf course allot of domain are not available, but you can still get creative and find th...
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